On November 9, President Ando lectured on “Medical Management” at the University of Tsukuba Graduate School.

The lecture, titled “Medical Entrepreneur in Aging Society,” was full of content including introductions of Dr. Kazuko Kumon, who established and operates The Garden of Siloam (Kenya), Dr. Satoshi Nakamura of the Peshawar-kai, who fell victim to a bullet while saving many lives in Afghanistan, Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura, who hosted the Paralympics and established the Japan Sun Industries (Beppu City) and President Ando also shared the meaning of singing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at the Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Public Health. In between, the participants had a chance to play Takkyu Volley*.

* “Takkyu Volley” is a game that uses a table tennis table.
Six people in each team have to sit on a chair, rolling ball
and returning them to the opponent’s court within three
shots, across the net.  It is a popular sport for people of all ages recognized as a ‘’Universal Sports’’.

In between, the participants experienced Takkyu Volley.

Introducing the story of the Japan Sun Industries founded by Dr. Nakamura, the so-called father of Para Sports in Japan.


Introducing Wheelchair Handball.