There were a lot of good news about Japanese sport in 2015: sports writer Mr. Hiroshi Kagawa has received the FIFA Presidantial Award in January, Mr. Shingo Kunieda has won numerous world championships including French Open. and there was a major breakthrough in Japan national rugby union team. I believe that local communities and people have gained their energy through sport even at the small events. On the other hand, sport could cause damage on the society by the misusage like 2015 FIFA corruption case.
Meanwhile, we all wish to have a healthy life. Even for those who have illness or disorder, it is possible to have a rich life by working out well with their own bodies and have a mentally comforting life. I have just decided to start a venture company, the Institute of Global Medical and Sports Science, Inc.
The goal of our company is to create a society where all people of any age can enjoy happy and fulfilled life, which is to say “True Healthy Life”. By making the best use of the capability of the sport, we aim for people to not just have a materially rich life but a “truly rich life”
We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the people who have given us advices up till now.For the time being, our main business will be giving health advises and lectures, but we are willing to learn, deepen our knowledge and expand our activities in the future. We would appreciate your continued support.

May the year of 2016 bring you a lot of happiness and smiles,

Yuichi Ando, President