Institute of Global Medical and Sports Science Japan, Inc
President Yuichi Ando, M.D., Ph.D.


As we commence the year 2024, we extend our most sincere greetings.

First of all, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to the victims and their families of the Noto Peninsula earthquake, a devastating natural disaster that struck at the beginning of this year.

Looking back on the year 2023, thanks to the calming of the effects of the new coronavirus, we have regained our daily lives in various scenes. Personally, I was able to travel abroad for the first time in four years. In addition to my duties as an occupational physician and sports doctor, I have also been involved in The Future of Physical Education Co-creation Summit 2023, the Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Public Health (Tsukuba City) and its accompanying project Singing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with the General Public, lectures at Chiba University and Tsukuba University, the ID volleyball tournament of the NPO Smile Club, including We cooperated with Para-Travel (NPO Origami), spreading of Table Tennis Volleyball in various places (Kenya, Tokyo), spreading of Wheelchair Handball, Sport Hug Cafe, Inclusive Playground, Artpara Fukagawa, and others.

In 2024, we have a wide range of tasks to accomplish, but we are determined to push forward toward a society in which everyone can enjoy a vibrant life.
We look forward to working with you again this year.

We implore for the health and peace of people all over the world
January 2024

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Professional Background

1987 Graduated from School of Medicine, University of Tsukuba
Mitsui Memorial Hospital, Department of Surgery, Resident
Massachusetts General Hospital (U.S.A.), Research Fellow
Princess Alexandra Hospital (Australia), Transplant Fellow
The University of Tokyo, The Institute of Medical Science, Department of Surgery and Bioengineering, Assistant professor
Médecins Sans Frontières (Cote d’Ivoire, 2004 / Osaka, 2006), Executive Director
International SOS, Medical Director
International Budo University, Adjunct lecturer)